My Prayer For Your Marriage


In a culture of divorce, broken hearts and broken families, pain often seems far more prevalent than purpose. Hurt echoes through homes so loudly it’s hard to hear hope. And a dangerous silence always seems to be lurking in tense places, waiting for its opportunity to mute apologies. To hush cries for conversation. I climbed Read More

“My King is the King of your king”


  “My King is the King of your king” By: Mo Isom, 2011   My King is the King of your king, my King gave your king life. My hope hopes that your hope will learn to hope, in all that is True and Right.   My faith has faith that you’ll find faith, when Read More

I just got engaged and immediately doubted my decision. Here’s why I still said “yes”…


Our whole lives we’re sold “happily ever after”, time and time again. In the movies. On TV. On Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube. I’ve heard talk about Prince Charming, “The One”, my “soul mate”. Even in church, I’ve been told that God is designing the PERFECT man for me. That there is ONE out there who will Read More

Freedom Redefined [VIDEO]

Freedom Redefined [VIDEO]

Freedom Redefined So picture this scene, you’ve raped and you’ve pillaged. You’ve murdered, you’ve lied, you’ve destroyed a whole village. And when the High Courts catch you, you’re guilty of crime. You’re covered in blood, you’re punished to die. They explain to you you’re death will be gruesome and slow. You’ll be stripped, you’ll be Read More

Kisses from Katie


“…even though I realize I cannot always mend or meet, I can enter in.  I can enter into someone’s pain and sit with them and know. This is Jesus. Not that He apologizes for the hard and the hurt, but that He enters in, He comes with us to the hard places. And so I continue to Read More