“My King is the King of your king”


  “My King is the King of your king” By: Mo Isom, 2011   My King is the King of your king, my King gave your king life. My hope hopes that your hope will learn to hope, in all that is True and Right.   My faith has faith that you’ll find faith, when Read More

If You REALLY Cared About Their Salvation…


I’ve heard it too many times to count. From friends, from family, from acquaintances. From myself. “I just care SO much about this person. I care SO deeply that they come to know Jesus and accept salvation. It breaks my heart that they just don’t seem to ‘get it’.” And yet we, the utterers of Read More

What is Salvation? (part 3–Our Savior)

Here we go! We discussed the original sin. We discussed our condition as humans because of that. We discussed the only way to “fix” that–a human’s sacrifice to repay a human’s sin. A man for a man–to save ALL men! So here comes the most beautiful part of the whole equation–our Savior. Let’s face it, Read More